Tuesday, October 10, 2017

7-2 FunBoard Build Prelims & Porque, Gringo?

This is the one I have been threatening to build for a few years now. A bow of mild surrender to encroaching geezerdom.... lots of flotation, capable of the graceful smooth arcs geezoids can still pull off, and tough as nails.

Yes, unlike most wood art wall dwelling planks this one will bask in the full glory of "quick-n-dirty". Like my wood boat builds full-on work boat aura and no sandpaper finer than 100 grit. To me the scratches amplified by the epoxy final coat denote luscious beauty, like a woman who proudly wears her hair grey and long.

Skeleton together after cutting slots in router jig.  Oversized 3/8ths ply...... oh well......

This is Jack Youngs design and lines. The deck will have no doming and will be flat..... they work better actually. The scantlings are beefier too. Hopefully the added brute strength won't suffer from too much added weight.

We'll see. As usual the inherent delight in crafting a organic device to cleave mother ocean.