Friday, September 22, 2017

Little Country House for Rent in Highlands Oaxaca Region Oct 2017 4000 pesos/$225 US

Doing this a favor for our landlord. Semi-furnished. Low power bill. Altiplano living at 5100 feet up so no heating or cooling bills. Solar rooftop water heater. Well water. I'd imagine first-last on rent or a small security deposit. No contract but he would do one if you wish. Victor has been honorable to us, your fellow potential neighbors, to date, and a local citizen in good standing of our little town here, La Chigolo. Takes about 15 minutes to drive into the city but quiet out here. Good Oaxaca state primer is Moon guidebooks Oaxaca. A exotic place overall with good regional food. Drawbacks are occasional protests and road blockades in the city.... and no paved streets in our part of La Chigolo. Not a problem in dry season (Nov-April) but muddy sometimes in the wet season.

You can e-mail me at   but please not a lot of tire kickers. Better to call Victor, the landlord, who speaks good english, directly at 52-664-274-8312. Easy to fly into Oaxaca city and the airport is about a 45 minute drive from here in La Chigolo.