Friday, September 1, 2017

Flat Bottomed Sailboat Homes: the JOY in a few pix.

Yup, dried out in a wild & remote Alaskan cove in a spot other sailboaters could only dream of getting to.

A paid-off, energy independent, wood stove heated, chinese lugsail powered, finger-in-the-wind to the grid and gridlocking power mongers and sub-cretinoids in general. Able to move around at will: SEA GYPSY STYLE, baby!!!!!!!!!

What? Me worry? I don't THINK so, melon Farmer.

A easy to build home. This one was built by another guy and his wife and is 31 feet. I did build a 37 footer though, and now 9 other wooden boats too. I taught myself carpentry and didn't know jacksquat about it until about age 45 when I realized how fine boat homes could be.

Flat bottomed craft are the easiest to build and, coincidentally. the b-e-s-t, IMHO. And chinese junk lugsails are the best rig and also the cheapest to build.

A great 30 footer designed by veteran blue water, flat bottomed sailboat cruiser-liveaboarder Chris Morejohn. Six months hard work and a paid off home ready to go anywhere on the planet. From back canals in London to the out islands of Fiji to.......... wherever ones heart desires as conditions change.