Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Magic Mushroom Experience In Huatla de Jimenez

6000 feet up in the remote sierra Mazateca and 40K population

Made the 6 hour drive north, with two like minded explorers, to the land of the Mazatecs, to find a curandera to guide us through a psylocybin mushroom experience. On often steep and winding 2 lane highways. We each had our reasons and visions were had.

Web research ferreted out two prime local curanderas, both elder mazatec women. I went with Ines Cortez Rodriguez. You can find her above (and north) of the market. Standing on the markets north side street one could throw a stone up to her house. She is on the street parallel to the market street and just north of the casa de cultura.

Senora Ines Cortez Rodriguez

Avenida Francisco I. Madero #8

Huatla de Jimenez


Her fee is 1000 pesos and I gave her a big tip because she is a fine lady in a noble profession and does a super job in her guiding. My friends went with Julia Juliana and also had a fine experience but a bit different ceremony and trappings.

I stayed on the main square in the Hotel Santa Julia. Super clean, hot water, nice staff, and 280p a night (about $15.50 US at the current exchange rate). A five minute walk from Ines house.

Nice view from my room down the city slope. Soaring birds thermalled out over the canyon.

City awakes at dawn. Left side view out my hotel room.

Up-slope side of a typical city street, next street up and parallel is a good 10-15 feet higher as the city goes up the mountainside.

Lots of pedestrian walkways going up and down the city mountainside.

Pedestrian walkway parallel to mountainside in near city center. Morning was often chilly and maybe in the lower 60s. Altiplano life is fine stuff climate wise.

Looking to right out my hotel rooms back window. Balcony out front of that structure with the red patio top is a fine little family restaurant and very affordable. Rositas restaurant. Fine view eating out on that balcony.

50 peso breakfast at Rositas. Eggs scrambled with fried potatoes and sausage. Beans on the side and tortillas. Pitcher of cafe con leche. About 3 bucks US with tip.

View from city hall. Basketball court to left. Looking into same valley my hotel room does. Lots of night activity here and weekend vendors set up on the stone steps, spilling out and beyond the central market.

Same vantage point but panned left, basketball court just off frame below this shot. City bell tower with clock chimes on the hour.

Huatla de Jimenez by night. City panorama and looking north.

Van pause on trip home in desertic high Cuicatec indian lands. Van cost 180p to get back to Oaxaca city, about 10 bucks US and a 5.5 hour trip. Much lower here than Huatla and maybe in the low 90s at 11 am or so. Cactus land. The cuicatecs and mazatecs cannot speak each others languages. Oaxaca state has 16 different recognized languages. Some indigenous folks do not even speak spanish. Shrooms trailing off in my head about 30 hours post experience: a nice glow that lasted 2-3 days afterwards. The cats looked at me strangely when I got home..... maybe they knew I had spent some time in the hall of the giants and touched something true they have known about instinctively from day one of their planetary tour.

More street art, this mural on the side of city hall.

Same mural but farther to the right.

Pleasant city. Small, exotic, way off the touristed runs. Famous for the local curanderos and curanderas and mushrooms. John Lennon made his way here in the late 60s. Back then only a dirt road led here. We thought of him being here, years ago, when it was much tougher to get here. Some of the Rolling  Stones too. Lots of mexicans still exploring their heritage by coming here even now to take the "little saints" and see visions. And us hapless extraneros (foreigners) in search of visions and raw experiences.

Lots of web material on the actual experience here. Mine was simply excellent with many visions and realizations in a safe and comfortable setting. Just Ines and I. All through the lens of a catholic-mazatec indian curandera with years of experience. She sang to me, off and on, and "held the space" for me when I went a bit too deep. Only one evil presence came to me but she centered me with her sudden singing again. What a beautiful thing and I marveled at her singing and prayers, often in mazatec (like a prettier version of kling-on), all the 5 hours I was zooming. The first hour or more so was intense visions.

Once is enough though. I'll do it alone next time. Same dose. Or with a good western-centric guide and outside, in nature, and during the day rather than 10 am to 3 am. I feel it is a super valuable experience.

Worth the trip to see Ines or Julia Juliana. A peak life experience and highly recommended to anyone who is interested.