Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cruising Oaxaca Back Roads with a 6-Pak and Cracked Windshield

Dos XX blows for road beer..... go Bohemia for true class

Try this in the good ole USSA and it would be Guantanamo for you, melon farmer!  

There's a certain smug satisfaction at buying a prime 6-pak of Bohemia Clara (and at less than 5 bucks so thank you exchange rate at 20:1 now) and cruising around the back dirt roads here in little La Chigolo, 18 kilometers out of the capital citys center. 

Cracked windshield and all. These cops locally are so hands off I don't bother to even worry about it.

Best not to flash the bottles as a certain % of the locals might resent the crap out of a seemingly arrogant gringo joy riding in a hard land with reckless glee. But I don't fling the bottles along the way either. I prefer to be a good ambassador and all that nonsense.