Thursday, January 12, 2017

Corn Island, Nicaragua housesitting gig front porch 360 vid spin

The tradewind was constant in our 3 months here. Straight out front is basically pure east and looking onto over a 1000 miles of open caribbean sea. But a pronounced shelving offshore off Corn island so the swells were very moderated. Just south of here, starting about southern Costa Rica, huge swells roll ashore from a deep bottom tongue offshore. 

The great thing about a tradewind micro climate is basically no mosquitos and a cutting of the usual tropical coast heat. Just 100 yards inland from this house it was a stutifying and oppressive heat and humidity plus mosquitos. Makes a strong case for living aboard a sailboat in carefully chosen micro climates.

Plus: you cannot put a price tag on a locale that has english as the prominent lingo..... so much easier to establish relationships with the locals. This is part of the old english pirate kingdom of old. The big sport on Corn island is baseball and they had a strong team back then in the caribbean league. Fun games to attend. Sitting in the stands we looked like lillies in a blackberry patch but no problem with prejudice here, even as it is a horribly impoverished place.