Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Morejohning a Bolger Advanced Sharpie....

You gotta love the simplicity and brute strength of Chris Morejohns bluewater sharpies. The Bolgeresque 31 advanced sharpie we owned for 5 years was of similar shape but had radically reduced scantlings compared to the CM sharpies.

The above sharpie scan buoys me when my wife rails on me about packing my old sharpies two chinese lugsails down here to Mexico. "You're never going to do anything with them.... they're just collecting dust. Why can't I use one for a nice patio wind break?" Like asking a guy if his winchester rifle can be used for a door prop. Sooner or later I mean to use these sails again and I have the full running rigging to boot. 

Sorry.... back to badass bluewater sharpies. For example our chine log was simple 1.25" X 1.25" stock, the walls a single layer of 1/2" ply, and the deck a layer of the same 1.25" square stock edge glued and nailed and covered by fabric. The bottom was tough though: three layers of 1/2" with 1/4" copper plates amidships (thinning fore and aft).

Luna 31 AS variant dried out

But not a boat to feel comfortable in out in the wild blue in a gale. It had no stringers or ribs to speak of. The designer-builder, Dave Zeiger, did a super job for what she was designed for, archipelago cruising in Alaska.

Chris Morejohns sharpie scantlings

Over on Chrises great blog site he mentions that when his boats settle down and dry out on a tide they make no creaking sounds at all. He's gone to windward in big ocean chop with few problems, for days at a time. He has proven that a box hull, stoutly built, is entirely bluewater able.

15' sharpie "Little Cruiser"

This little 15' Mat Layden designed sharpie has repeatedly crossed the gulf stream and also ridden out a few gales. Sven Yrvind has also proven small box hulls on ocean passages as being safe, secure, and comfortable due to less rolling with their sharp, pronounced chines.

My query then: why not a standard Bolger AS just beefed up to Chrises scantlings? Including interior bulkheads and furniture so as to avoid stringers. Chris is apparently heading in the direction of formal plans for his sharpies (and few are prettier really) but, for now, how about a set of AS plans and just beef em up?

Oh..... and Bob Wise sailed his Bolger AS39 across the atlantic and survived some buttkicking weather in the med too. One could only imagine a Chris Morejohn scantling application to a AS39 as putting it possibly into a roaring 40s vehicle.

Just sayin.........