Wednesday, January 20, 2016

George Greenough Mat Surfing a Huge Hawaii Wave


Before the hi-tech surf mats we have today. Like a go-cart when you are this low to the wave the sensation of speed is thrilling. Yet another chapter in the story of the "mad professor of surfing".

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Picture Of A Near Perfect Surfing Wave

And here is why:


Pretty frickin HUGE for a older guy like me..... but..... note the gently sloping wave face ahead of the curl which is not steep at all. The actual wind chop on this day is negligible so no rough, corrugated surface to contend with in the sliding process. Only one guy out in this pic and no one on the wave: no social stress at all. If this wave continues on down the line, perhaps on a razor straight sandbar (more or less), quite the manageable ride even for older surfers.



Lord help you if you wind up in the far right of this picture because that is some serious water churning and best to hope for a relatively soft sandbar below and not reef or rocks.



Besides that though: the kind of pic surfers hang up on their refrigerators and daydream about.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Enslaving Passports Limit Our Waterman Freedom (Video)



A century ago passports were the exception. Now the state systems have us hemmed in with "slave cards" and a ridiculous notion has become mainstream that we are property of a state and not free and autonomous individuals.



Mariners wandered more freely in those days. Freedom advocate Ken O'Keefe makes a very clear case why we should now deny the state our tax funding to promote their wars, their murder, and our own enslavement.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Early Writings on This Blogs Very 1st Incarnation

First efforts to address anarchist water leanings....

 A link to the very first waterman blog that somehow never got closed up. Ecuador mat surfing and travel, a shitkicking mezcal hangover account, Port Townsend (WA) boat pix of varying sorts, thoughts on malaria avoidance in latin wandering, etc.. And video of 3 small boats I designed and built up here in the mexican high desert about a year ago or so.

Salty Mission Statement



Welcome to this blogs second incarnation!!!!!



 I deleted all my past entries as just more reinventing the wheel detritus. This incarnation I hope to be far edgier, thought provoking, and, hopefully, inspirational for amateur boat designer-builders, surfers, surfboard makers, divers, fishermen, and small boat sailors. All with the voluntaryist (aka: anarchist) slant.



Gods bless one and all salt water lovers in their briny quests!!




Before I totally gave up on mainstream media news..... joking, of course....




I erased all my old stuff because most of it was written during the last two years that I have been self marooned, yanking my crank, up here in the mexican high desert, well off any sort of salty runs. Not entirely genuine past posts during a period of having nothing current or even mildly salty to write about.



And, of course, upon initially closing this journalistic quest for improved bird cage liner I immediately wanted to write about something.... so.....



Also no real effort was made in past posts to protest the evil current global financial paradigm as any anarchist worth his-her salt should do. Or even to hammer out a few waterman slanted anarchist pieces. Irresponsible journalism of a sort really.......




Salina Cruz, industrial oil port, no other gringos for the most part..... and tons of waterman fun...




So, we'll just idle here until I get on down from the Oaxacan capital city on the 6 hours of windy mountain roads and get serious about some real content to write about.



Peace be with all my fellow watermen brothers and sisters in 2016..... it's going to be a flamboyant year on the global stage geo-politically and financially. Here's hoping we all navigate it with style, grace, and the occasional mild sunburn. 




NOT like these guys..... lost on the banks......